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Welcome to the Softball Australia Coaching Portal. This site is being developed to provide softball coaches with access to approved courses for coaching accreditation in softball. Click on the links below to find out more about the coaching courses on offer through Softball Australia and its partners.
A message from Softball Australia's CEO

Congratulations, on taking the next step along the Softball Australia Coach Accreditation pathway.

There are many benefits to be gained from ongoing coach education that go beyond teaching and refining new skills and the fundamentals of the sport that children and youth play.

Participation in sport can build a strong foundation for positive growth and development. Well educated coaches understand the positive impact they can have on their participants by helping them to learn many valuable life skills. Organised sport provides participants with challenges and motivation that they may not receive otherwise. Participants also develop physical and cognitive skills, self-esteem, teamwork and social skills.

Coaching can be an ongoing life-long learning experience. Even coaches at the elite level, continue to learn throughout their career, whether it be through networking, ongoing professional development or exchanging ideas with other coaches.

As well as monitoring and reviewing the progress of your athletes or participants, coaches should continue to monitor and review their own progress and carry out regular self-evaluation. Also, be prepared to receive feedback and advice from your peers.

Good luck into the future for the development and advancement of your coaching career.

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